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Never lose data again!

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Whether you have a personal machine that has important data or a data center full of servers, deploy Genesis Backup and feel safe that your data is protected.

Please contact us for a demo of Enterprise features.

  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Exchange Server
  • Virtual Machines
  • G-Suite and Office 365
  • Remote Management of Desktops/Servers
  • Non-Admin Configuration Lock
  • Remote Configuration
  • Browser-based File Recovery


Genesis Backup Features

Instant Setup

Just install, sign-in, and start you backups! We have a 15 day trial for every install.

Continuous Backups

No limit on how often you run your backups. Every hour, 15 minutes, or every 5 minutes!

Remote Configuration

Mass install the backup agent across an Enterprise, configure clients with a templates, and view the status of backups across all users, including triggering backups or restores remotely from our web console.

Multiple Plans

Create plans with their own schedules, folders to backup, and compression and encryption options.

Custom Retention

Specify your own retention period from days to unlimited!

Bandwidth Controls

Create your own schedule for when bandwidth is available for backups.


Genesis Backup FREE Trial

15-day trial per device

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G-Suite or Office 365 Download: contact us


Genesis Backup Pricing

File Backup for Desktops


File Backup for Servers


Image Backup for Windows


Virtual Machine Backup

VMware or Hyper-V

MS SQL Server


MS Exchange Server


Ultimate (Image, SQL, Exchange)


G-Suite or Office 365



Genesis Backup FAQs

Why should we use Genesis Backup over other backup providers?

Genesis Backup was designed to be extremely performant with no risk of price creep due to transaction or bandwidth costs. We also provide professional services to assist with corporate installations where automation is required. With the ability to recover to local infrastructure running at Genesis, restores can be extremely fast – no need to recover from a backup service to a public cloud provider over slow, oversubscribed, and typically throttled links. We provide a free trial and free discussions by phone so you can try before you buy without any risk. Give us a chance to impress you!

Do you charge for bandwidth or storage?

No – all bandwidth and storage costs are inclusive in the service.

Are backups encrypted?

They can be - this is an option in the backup client, as well as options for compression, bandwidth limits, retention, and others.

Can the Genesis Backup client be used from a command line instead of the GUI?

Yes – most commands are available. Please contact us for more details.

Can the Genesis Backup Client be silently installed using automation?

Yes – using the command line options: /S /D="C:\customFolder”

Can a backup seed be created and shipped to Genesis?

Yes, for a small fee. Please contact us to discuss the process and details.

Can an image backup be used to backup a physical server and restore to a VM?