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Swift and S3 API support

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Genesis Storage is part of our OpenStack Public Cloud service.

Please contact us if you would simply like a storage account. We will provide S3 credentials and an endpoint.

Bulk data loading is available. Please contact us for details.

  • Triple-mirror redundancy
  • NO bandwidth costs
  • High-speed Internet connectivity
  • NO transaction costs


Genesis Storage Pricing


Billed on-demand

No other costs!

That's it!


Genesis Public Cloud FAQs

What is Genesis Storage?

Object Storage is a distributed, highly-available, and durable storage system designed to accommodate an unlimited number of folders and files. Genesis’ object storage is backed by Ceph, the most popular S3-compatible platform and what most providers use.

What applications can use object storage?

Any application that can use the Swift or S3 API. A few examples include: Veeam, Unitrends, CommVault, CloudBerry, CloudBerry Drive and Explorer, rclone, Media streaming, File repository where trillions of files can be stored, Custom applications that can use basic REST commands to store/retrieve files

Why choose Genesis Storage over others?

Other Object Storage solutions charge enormous amounts for data transfer and transaction fees. Genesis Storage is available for a fixed per-GiB/month price with no transaction fees nor bandwidth costs. There is also No Vendor lock-in with our service – move your object storage files at-will with no bandwidth nor transaction costs.

How much does Genesis Storage cost?

$0.01/GiB/month – no transaction fees – no bandwidth costs - no minimum storage requirements - no minimum storage time requirements