Genesis Kubernetes

Fast, inexpensive, and flexible Kubernetes cluster deployment on our Genesis Public Cloud

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Kubernetes cluster deployment with ease and under your complete control! No Kubernetes Master abstraction!

  • 4 minute deploy
  • Choose any VM flavors
  • Deploy apps with HELM
  • Choose your own master count
  • Deploy on OpenStack networks
  • Choose your own minion count
  • Auto-scaling of minions
  • Dedicated OpenStack load balancers for Ingress
  • Auto-scaling of pods
  • Rolling upgrades
  • Persistent volume with any volume type
  • OpenStack security groups


Genesis Kubernetes Features

High Performance CPUs

All CPUs are 3.7GHz Xeon Skylake processors with shared and dedicated flavors.

Internet Bandwidth

2Gbps+ available, inbound and outbound, per floating IP.

Volume Storage

General purpose, throughput optimized, and performance optimized volume types with inline snapshots and backups available.

HA OpenStack Routers

Standalone and Internet-connected routers (for SNAT Gateway in addition to 1:1 NAT for floating IPs).

HA Load Balancers

Every load balancer provisioned creates an HA pair of load balancers in dedicated VMs, with node affinity and pinned cores for high throughput and reliability.

DNS Management

Forward and reverse DNS zone management from within OpenStack.


Genesis Kubernetes FAQs

How long does it take to provision a Kubernetes cluster?

The provisioning time for a cluster depends on the size of the cluster. However, a typical 3-master and 3-minion cluster can be provisioned in about 4 minutes.

Which version of Kubernetes can I use?

We support version 1.15.7, but are soon to offer support for 1.16 and 1.17.

Where do I learn more about Kubernetes?

The best place to start the Kubernetes site at Note that Kubernetes is a complex container orchestration technology designed for scalability. Not all workloads are suitable for containers, although more application installers are becoming available using package managers such as HELM.

How is Kubernetes deployed?

In OpenStack, there is a container orchestration engine called Magnum that performs all of the functions to deploy and manage a Kubernetes cluster's master and minion nodes. We have documentation to show how this is done. Many components are required on the master nodes (the control plane), including etcd (a key/value store), the kube-api-server, kube-scheduler, kube-controllers, etc. Magnum manages these, including configuration and monitoring after deployment. For example, if the cluster size must be increased, Magnum can perform the work to expand the number of minions as well as adjust the load balancers that are involved to forward traffic to the new containers.

What is the cost for Genesis Kubernetes?

Genesis Kubernetes is free to use as part of our Genesis Public Cloud service. Resources that are used by the master and minion nodes as well as load balancers are all metered every 30 seconds, just like any Genesis Public Cloud resource.

Can I create multiple Kubernetes clusters?

Yes! Kubernetes cluster nodes are connected to an OpenStack network, so you can either have multiple Kubernetes clusters connected to one network (not suggested) or you can create multiple networks and each can have its own Kubernetes cluster. Alternatively, you can create multiple OpenStack projects, where each project has its own Kubernetes cluster(s) for further user and resource isolation. For example, you may want dev, staging, and production clusters, each on their networks, and each with the same configuration (including subnet addressing). Three projects can be created, one for each cluster, and each with different user account permissions.

Are persistent volumes placed on ephemeral storage?

No. Kubernetes persistent volumes are created on respective Genesis Public Cloud volume types - all of which are networked storage today.

Are boot disks ephemeral (local to the server)?

No - boot disks are volumes on our replicated NVMe storage, so if a physical server dies at Genesis, your data is not lost.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you don't like your purchase for any reason, within 24 hours of the purchase, we will refund your purchase. Terms and conditions apply, however. If we find that the machine was used for any form of abuse, you will waive your right to a refund.