Genesis Public Cloud Highlighted Features


Powered by OpenStack - full API compatibility with other OpenStack providers

Users can manage their own domain and projects

Test environment can be created upon service launch for quick start

Easy single VM deployment with Genesis VMs

Windows and Linux flavors available including Windows Server 2019


Pricing as low or lower than competing platforms but with more capabilities and options

33% the price of Rackspace and IBM clouds

60% the price of AWS and Azure

On-demand billing with a 30-second billing interval

VMs are not billed when in a shutdown state

Aggressive discounting with Genesis Memberships


Highest performing Xeon Skylake processors (3.7GHz Xeon Gold)

Shared and Dedicated core flavors

Large core count and large memory flavors

Nested hypervisors possible

Live migration is used during maintenance windows


FortiGuard-protected Internet connectivity

DDoS protection

100Gbps redundant networking to each compute node

Higher throughput limits than other providers

Jumbo frame support - up to 9100 bytes

Nested SDN supported

Super fast dedicated HA load balancer instances with Layer 7 functionality

Forward and Reverse public DNS configurations with OpenStack

Lower bandwidth pricing compared to other providers

Port forwarding available for floating IPs for no additional cost


14 storage volume types

General purpose Ceph SSD storage (gp1)

Archive storage, Throughput-optimized storage, and higher performance SSD storage (gp2 and gp3)

Provisioned IOPS NVMe SSD storage with up to 40k IOPS with low-latency and high-throughput

Burstable general purpose storage with up to 100k IOPS per burst

Large burst buckets, up to 20 million I/O commands

Non-redundant volume types for ephemeral use

Object storage with S3 and Swift APIs

Inline snapshots

Server and volume backups

File level backups available with Genesis Backup