Genesis VMs

Fast inexpensive VM deployment starting at $3/month!

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When you need something fast and reliable, but don't want the hassle of building a cloud environment.

Data Center

  • SSAE18 and SOC 2 Type 2 audited
  • PCI/DSS audited
  • ISO27001 audited
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 audited
  • Two power grids
  • 2N Industrial UPSes
  • N+M Industrial Generators
  • Digital Realty Facility (Chicago, IL)

Service Features

  • Super fast processors (up to 5GHz with E-2288G)
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Windows Server
  • Network DDoS protection
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Console access to VMs
  • Scheduled backups (6 included for free)
  • Easy OS re-install
  • Rescue boot
  • Public key authentication for Linux VMs
  • Triple mirrored SSD storage
  • Pro-rated upgrades


Genesis VMs Features

High Performance CPUs

CPUs include Xeon Gold 6154 and Xeon E-2288G with shared and dedicated flavors.

Internet Bandwidth

2Gbps+ available, inbound and outbound.

Linux and Windows Images

CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux and Windows images.


6 backups are included with every VM. Backups can be created manually or automatically. For automatic backups, the interval can be specified, with a minimum of 2 hours. Super fast restores.

Redundant Storage

Storage assigned your VM is redundant, unlike many cloud providers where the boot disk is on local storage in the server where your VM runs, which will be lost if the server fails.

Firewall included

Locked down by default. Add your own rules to allow access to your VM.


Genesis VMs FAQs

How long does it take to provision a VM?

Usually, VMs are provisioned within a minute or two. Windows images can take a bit longer since they are larger than Linux images. In addition, Windows performs the sysprep process upon first boot, so that can take a couple minutes. An email is sent when the order is placed. Another email is sent when the VM has been provisioned. For Windows VMs, wait a couple more minutes for the sysprep process to finish.

Do you use hyperthreading?

Our Intel servers (AMD EPYC will be available mid-2020) have hyperthreading disabled to mitigate MDS and other vulnerabilities.

How are you mitigating various Intel CPU-related attacks?

We have all current mitigations in place, including disabling hyperthreading and the latest microcode, deployed by the latest BIOSes for our servers. All mitigations checked by are reported as mitigated.

How is bandwidth charged?

We include 5TiB of outbound data transfers from your VM at no additional cost. Beyond 5TiB, We charge for all outbound data transfers originating from your VM, regardless of where that traffic is headed. We have a very low data transfer price ($0.005/GiB), so typically data transfer charges are minimal, including those for Internet-bound traffic.

Can I run a nested hypervisor in a VM?

We enable this capability in the hypervisor, but we can not support this since there are too many factors that can go wrong. So, we suggest you use this only for testing for DR environments where nested hypervisors is an absolutely necessity.

Are boot disks ephemeral (local to the server)?

No - boot disks are volumes on our replicated NVMe storage, so if a physical server dies at Genesis, your data is not lost.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you don't like your purchase for any reason, within 24 hours of the purchase, we will refund your purchase. Terms and conditions apply, however. If we find that the machine was used for any form of abuse, you will waive your right to a refund.

Do you support reverse DNS?

Yes! However, you need to request a PTR record by submitting a ticket.

Do you support jumbo frames?

Not with Genesis VMs, unfortunately. We do support Jumbo Frames with our Genesis Public Cloud service.

How do backups work?

Genesis VMs come with 6 free backups included, but you must enable automatic backups after purchasing. Manual backups can also be created. For a more advanced backup solution, including file-level backups, please see our Genesis Backup service, which is an agent-based solution that can create file, image, and/or database-level backups depending on the license purchased.

Can I upgrade/change the size of my VM?

Yes, however VMs can only be upgraded such that the storage is the same size or larger due to the fact that block storage devices cannot be resized smaller. Upgrades must be performed by submitting a ticket. We will simply charge the difference in cost pro-rated.

How fast is the network?

Genesis VMs are provisioned as VMs on our Genesis Public Cloud platform, which is connected via redundant 100Gbps links to each compute node. Network bandwidth is restricted based on the flavor of VM selected and ranges anywhere from 25Mbps up to 40Gbps. See our specifications page for flavor definitions.

When are payments due? Upfront or In-arrears?

Genesis VMs is paid in advance every month, due on the 1st of each month. Backups and egress data transfer charges are paid in-arrears and appear on the invoice following the service period. If an order is placed after 3 weeks into a month, the order will include the last week of the current month and the following month. Otherwise, the order is pro-rated for the remaining days in the current month.

Can you clone a VM?

Yes, however this must be done by our staff currently, so you will need to order a new Genesis VM and submit a ticket requesting a clone of an existing Genesis VM.

Can you migrate our VM to Genesis VMs?

Yes, but we would need to evaluate the scope of work required for the migration and provide a proposal. Free free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss options.