Why Genesis?

With over 20 years of Enterprise IT experience, 10 years in the hosting industry, and hosted infrastructure solutions for every aspect of IT, you can't choose a better partner.



Fully-redundant or scale-out infrastructure to fit your requirements, whether it be a legacy Enterprise application or a modern CI/CD VM-based or container-based system.


Web Applications

From basic to complex scalable sites, we have solutions for everything you can imagine, and can even provide the implementation if you need assistance.



Our OpenStack service provides average-usage billing, eliminating charges for hardware that you are not using while providing compatibility with other OpenStack providers.



With archive storage, Enterprise SSD storage, guaranteed IOPS and throughput storage, and remote mountable block storage, Genesis has what you need.


Enterprise reliability with all the features you want


Instant Setup

We make using our products as easy as possible without delayed provisioning. Most features are available instantly so you don't have to wait to play with your new toy.



Genesis has numerous backup and replication solutions to fit every need including standard retention backups included with our VMware service, or snapshots in our OpenStack service, or Veeam-based replicated environments with hot-standby VMs.



cPanel is the most popular web site control panel used today. With Softaculous, the list of applications you can choose from is nearly unlimited! Choose from blogs, content management systems, forums, image galleries, ad management, project management, e-commerce, ERP, and many other categories of applications! Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, osCommerce, Magento, they are all here and only a click away!



Similar to some of the other popular low-cost cloud services, Genesis has KVM virtual machines that are quick to deploy, usually in 30 to 40 seconds, plus our infrastructure is fully-redundant with auto-failover! Linux, BSD, Windows, you name it, we run it and can license it.



OpenStack has become the next best alternative to VMware, but it is designed for much larger scale clusters than VMware, and with it comes complexity in its deployment. Let us handle all of the dirty work and produce a working, supported, OpenStack implementation that is reliable, scalable, and fits within your budget.


VMware hosting

VMware is where we got our start! With multi-tenant, private, and dedicated VMware cloud solutions available, we have more capabilities than most of the other providers, including VMware's own cloud service! Look at our client list and you will see why we stand out as a premium provider.

Storage and Backup


Archive, Spindles, and SSDs

When you need choices for where your data resides, Genesis has everything from least expensive to highest performance storage solutions. Data is not replaceable if it is lost. Let us protect it for you.


Disaster Recovery

We all know that, at some point, things are going to hit the fan and you need to be prepared for it. Having a plan in place is a necessity, but often extremely difficult to design, manage, test, and deploy, especially with all of the options available today. Use us as a disaster recovery endpoint for your VMware, Windows, Azure, or other environments, and we will help manage it for you!




With as many high profile environments that we host, we need to be at the top of our game when it comes to security. With Fortinet products along with FortiGuard, we protect our customers' environments by default. Additional support is available to handle network-layer monitoring, mitigation, and remediation.


Data Center

Our Chicago facility is operated by Digital Realty, the largest data center REIT in the world. Rest assured that your workloads and data are in a safe and secure facility operated by experts, with audits to prove it.



Internal Monitoring

Application-layer monitoring is often required to be sure your application is not only up, but also performing as it should..


External Monitoring

Genesis operates its own monitoring service that is inexpensive and includes all of the typical checks including Pings, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS, Custom TCP ports, and many others. We verify connectivity from multiple data centers as well as provide managed services that will open a ticket if something in your environment goes down.

Network and Colo



Simply need Internet connectivity and have co-located equipment at Genesis or in our facility? Use Genesis as your backbone for multiple BGP connected pipes from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps! Or if you have dedicated private line requirements to AWS, GCE, or Azure, please talk to us about our solutions to keep you connected.



Are you migrating to the cloud? Or just need a secure and reliable data center to move your existing infrastructure? We provide co-location of equipment that can also connect direct to your cloud services at Genesis.




Are you swimming in the IT pool and can't keep your head above water? Let us help! We provide complete project planning, consulting, and implementation for businesses of all sizes.


Network Design

Need an MPLS or point to point connection to your infrastructure? Do you just need Internet connectivity at your locations? Or maybe your network is exploding with reliability issues? Let us help!


"We have used Genesis for our production, staging, test, and dev environments and can't say enough good things. It's nice to finally work with a partner who cares about us as much as we do about our own business."

Assaf Levi, CareBox

"We were referred to Genesis by one of our partners who has used them for over 5 years. I'm SO happy that we made the move. We confidently rely on them to handle all of our infrastructure needs."

Jack Duncan Jr, GOPD

"We moved to Genesis from another well known provider who dropped the ball on many occasions. We finally feel like we have a solid foundation for our business."

Joseph Halstead, Golden Accounting

"Working with Genesis over the past 6 years has been a pleasure. We have access to rock solid infrastructure with the best support you can ask for."

Natan Lerner, OrgVitality

About Genesis Hosting Solutions

Since 1997, Genesis has been providing consulting, infrastructure, security, and network solution for businesses of all sizes all over the world. Our team consists of 6 people with diverse and extremely robust knowledge of the IT industry including the latest AWS, Google, and Azure cloud platforms. Our team also has strong skills with VMware and KVM deployments including the latest Docker technologies such as Kubernetes and Rancher.

Companies, and their technologies, that we work with on a regular basis